Metertech offers advance UV/Visible Spectrophotometer with modular sample holders for all types of experiments, from automatic 6 cell holders, thermo electric, and thermo fluid cell holders. The instrument also includes advance narrow beam optical design for small volume samples. With a commitment to precision and accuracy Metertech’s UV/Visible Spectrophotometer can accommodate all your spectroscopy needs.
The Metertech Visible series spectrophotometers is ideal for laboratory, teaching and basic QC. With advance optical design the unit is simple, and provides superior accuracy and precession for all types of measurements.
Metertech offers a series of cost effective and advance Microplate Reader instruments that include high end features, fast reading speed, precision, and accuracy. The instruments have built in incubator and shaker that can be used with PC control or standalone modes. These microplate instruments can perform a broad range of applications such as Toxin Discovery, Clinical Diagnostics, Life Science Research and much more.
The patented Metertech Colorimeters are a robust instrument that can be used in the laboratory or in the field. With the patented optical system design, the unit can accommodate cuvettes, tubes, and microstrips by just changing the direction of the optical unit.
The new eXact series photometers are an easy to use and portable instrument suitable for field work or on the spot analysis. With the patented strip deliver system users only need 3 steps from collecting samples to showing the results. The unit is ideal for residential, commercial, and municipal testing.
The Accutest Enzyme Inhibitor Testing Solution is a rapid test solution using Acetylcholine esterase (AchE) to detect Organophosphorus and Carbamate in fruits, and vegetables. The solution includes Accutest strips with AchE enzyme coating, and the Accutest meter to provide users with quantitative results in inhibition rate to determine the residual amount of Organophosphorus and Carbamate within the testing sample.
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