Product Description
The M6+ is a portable and cost effective instrument designed to perform waste water, drinking water, environmental, food, and ELISA testing. With a large LCD and 2 button controls, the instrument can operate with just minimal training. The M6+ can accommodate a wide variety of tests with 2 of its major optical designs. The first is an interchangeable filter design which can detect from 400~750nm. The second is a patented optic compartment which allows users to perform different type of experiments by using round tubes, square cuvette, and microstrips. The M6+ is a versatile instrument that will accommodate users to perform all kinds with the most flexibility.
Product specification
Model Number M6+
Light Source Tungsten lamp
Detector Silicon photodiode
Wavelength Range 400~750nm
Bandwidth 10nm +/- 2nm
Reproducibility <+/-0.005 (under 2.000Abs)
Measurement Mode
Concentration 0.000~99,999.99
Linearity +/-2% (0.001 ~ 1.500Abs)
Resolution 0.001Abs (under 2.000Abs)
Photometric Range 0~2.500Abs
Display 16 x 2 character LCD
Interface RS232 and Parallel port
100~240V at 50/60Hz
  AAA battery x 6 pack box.
Dimension 150(W) x 170(D) x 50 (H) mm
Weight 85g
 *Metertech reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.
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