Product Description
Using high quality optical components the M965 series Microplate reader can perform ELISA measurements between the wavelength of 340~900nm with end point, two point, and kinetic measurement method. The instrument has a fast reading speed, with less than 5s per plate. For temperature sensitive includes a built-in incubator and, shaker for measurements. The M965 series can be used in both standalone and PC control mode. Users can perform advance features such as Qualitative, Cut-off, Quality control, and Ratio/inhibition. With the versatility and features provided within the M965 series Microplate reader users can use this instrument in many different applications such as ELISAs / EIAs, enzymatic activity, bacterial growth studies, and fast kinetic assays.
Product specification

Model Number M965+
Wavelength range 340~900nm
Optical Design 8 channels and 1 referance
Measurement Range 0.000~4.000Abs
Measuement Time <5 second
Measurement Modes End point, Two points, and Kinetic
Photometric Accuracy  +/- 0.005Abs or 2%, whichever is greater
Linearity +/-1% from 0.000~3.000Abs
<0.2% CV from 0.000 to 2.000Abs
 <0.5% CV from 2.000 to 3.000Abs
Resolution 0.001Abs
Data Storage
Parameter 100 sets
Data 50 sets
Calibration 20 sets
External data storage USB disk
USB Printer RTP-2264
Incubator  +3℃~50℃
Shaking 8hz, 11hz, and 14hz
Interface USB and RS232
PC software PC-Accu-mate software
Power 100~240V at 50/60Hz, 90W max
Dimension 355(W) x 345(D) x 174(H) mm
Weight 14 Kg

 *Metertech reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.

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