Product Description
The SP-800 series single beam visible spectrophotometers are an affordable, easy-to use, and reliable general purpose instrument designed for laboratories and educational needs. The SP-800 series visible beam spectrophotometer comes with 2 models. The SP-830+ standalone model measures the traditional absorbance, transmittance and concentration. And the PC enabled SP-880 with enhance measurement features such as spectrum scan, time scan, kinetic, and quantitative. Both models also come with a versatile sample compartment to hold cuvettes, and tubes, of all sizes. The SP-800 series visible spectrophotometers are a compact, low-cost instrument with all the essentials for teaching and routine laboratory use.
Product specification

Model Number SP-830+
Optical Design Single Beam
Light Source Halogen Lamp
Detector Silicon photodiode
Bandwidth 5nm
Wavelength Range 330~1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy +/-1nm
Wavelength Repeatability +/-0.35nm
Scanning Speed 4500nm/min
Photometric Range
0.3~150 %T
 0.02~34996 C
Measurement Mode
Transmittance (%T)
Photometric Accuracy 1.0% or 0.003A(from 0.000 to 2.500A),whichever is greater
Stability <0.003A/hr at 500nm after one hour warm-up
Stray Light <0.1% at 340nm
Display 10 x2 large character LCD
Sample Holder
10 mm square cuvette
10~13 mm round tube
 50 mm rectangulare cell
Interface Parallel port
Dimension 400(W) x 300(D) x 145(H) mm
Weight 7.5Kg

  *Metertech reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.


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